Families in Tauranga New Zealand Love Mile High Karate!

Why is the Tauranga Mile High Karate location so popular?

I’m sure you might be asking yourself…..“How is it, that the Mile High Karate program can develop Laser Sharp Focus, and Unshakable Self-Esteem in a way that no other sport or activity can?”

Mile High Karate’s Tauranga, New Zealand location is serving the children and families all over Tauranga, Bethlehem, Greerton, Matua, Maungatapu; Mount Maunganui, the Bay of Plenty; Otumoetai; Papamoa, Tauranga’s  Tauranga City; Tauranga South; and Welcome Bay

If you ask 100 of our martial arts students, and their families why they continue to study at Mile High Karate, you are likely to hear a variety of answers.

The popularity of martial arts today can be attributed to the multitude of benefits martial arts training offers. I can think of no other activity that offers such a diversified list of benefits to participants of all ages and genders, and to students who range from the physically fit to the physically challenged.

And while each of us may start out seeking a particular benefit, martial arts training takes us down a path where we discover that we are gaining so much more.
The positive, nurturing environment in our Mile High Karate Schools can have a significant impact on a student’s self esteem, and strength of character.

We’ll discuss here, just a few of the positive, LIFE IMPROVING benefits you can expect to gain through our program!


One of the founding principles of Mile High Karate training is learning to respect those with greater knowledge and experience. For children, this means developing respectful relationships with parents, academic teachers, and peers that also promote a thirst for knowledge and the development of self-respect. The same benefits apply to adults in the work place and at home.

A happier and more successful life can be the result of respecting yourself, your spouse and family, and the people with whom you work.


*****No Experience Necessary*****

Success in our program does not require athletic skills. However, through your training, you will develop key characteristics to enhance your athletic skills for your other sports interests. Benefits such as better hand/eye coordination, endurance, and physical fitness can help you improve in any sport.

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Results…..in their own words!

I have gained confidence and a greater work ethic….

“Martial arts has taught me some very important lessons like discipline, courage, work ethic, determination and confidence.

The discipline that martial arts and kickboxing has given me has helped with my school work and competition. I have gained confidence and a greater work ethic through my six years of training. 

Martial arts has given me the courage to overcome fears that we kids never tell adults about. When I was five years old, just getting into the ring took a tremendous amount of courage and determination. The discipline I acquired through my training gave me the drive to conquer fear during my toughest battles. 

My motto from then on was to never give up. If I had any advice to give
other young martial artists, it would be to always work harder and never give up.”

Tyler M.
Age 11



Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to see if the Mile High Karate program can, indeed help you or your child accomplish these powerful, life changing benefits!

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Our Class Size is strictly limited, so Call us RIGHT AWAY at –

North America: 1-800-229-2286 
NZ: (07) 577 68 68 
Australia: (07) 55 22 07 55
or, email me here: StephenOliver@MileHighKarate.com:

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Mile High Karate has a new location in Tauranga!

Tauranga is the most populous city in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand.

It was settled by Europeans in the early 19th century and was constituted as a city in 1963. Tauranga City is the center of the sixth largest urban area in New Zealand, with an urban population of 122,200 (June 2012 estimate).

The city lies in the north-western corner of the Bay of Plenty, on the south-eastern edge of Tauranga Harbour. The city expands over an area of 168 square kilometers (65 sq mi), and encompasses the communities of Bethlehem, on the south-western outskirts of the city; Greerton, on the southern outskirts of the city; Matua, west of the central city overlooking Tauranga Harbour; Maungatapu; Mount Maunganui, located north of the central city across the harbour facing the Bay of Plenty; Otumoetai; Papamoa, Tauranga’s largest suburb, located on the Bay of Plenty; Tauranga City; Tauranga South; and Welcome Bay.

Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s main centres for business, international trade, culture, fashion and horticultural science. The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand’s largest port in terms of gross export tonnage.

Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities, with a 14 percent increase in population between the 2001 census and the 2006 census.